Secure Messaging

Your business or personal data

belongs to you and

no one else!

Main Features


No Backdoors

All cryptographic functions are implemented using open source code.


No Compromise

Data is locked into a device. It is not stored anywhere else.


No Nonsense

We deliver secure messaging and file transfer, nothing else.

What are we all about ?

Like probably most of you that have arrived at this website, we have followed the issues Mr Snowden has made public with a growing uneasiness. In the end most of us have probably suspected or feared that our data was being spied upon, but the things that have been revealed are far beyond what we thought realistic.

It seems that not a single one of the large texting and messaging, as well as social networking companies, can be trusted with our personal data. So we have decided to write our own messaging app to ensure total and complete privacy without compromise in order that no eavesdropping can occur on our conversations.

How It Works

Assumptions made by others

  • SSL connections are secure
  • Servers are secure

Assumptions made by cryptix

  • SSL connections are potentially compromised
  • Servers are potentially compromised

Therefore, we send nothing to and store nothing on the servers, that could give your information away. It is the only way to be safe.

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